Mia Khalifa Viral video

Screenshot from Mia khalifa video shared

Mia Khalifa, a former adult-star recently got into an altercation with a Jewish woman. The video has gone viral and some user blamed Mia khalifa for sharing the video argument on social media.

The mia khalifa video viral had been shared on twitter, reddit, telegram and youtube.

In her post shared on twitter, the former adult star captioned the video “The Zionests are losing the plot She followed me through the lobby calling me slurs and didn’t stop the entire time she was waiting for her uberpool at the Antique Jewelry Fair. She’s a vendor-something she made abundantly clear so I guessthis is what her business stands for”

“Am Yisrael Chai”, the woman says in response, a cry widely used in solidarity with Jewish people. The woman is heard repeating the same phrase several times in the video.

She also reveals her necklace and ask Mia Khalifa, “You see that?” Mia tell her, “Are you waiting for the bus? Because I’m waiting for my valet”

Mia khalifa start walking away and said you smell like knockoff falafel.

“American Zionests constantly cry that they feel unsafe yet they are the only ones empowered enough to openly harasss people on the streets and call them all sorts of abusive slurs. Which one is it then? Solidarity with Mia”, a user commented.

Hen Mazzig, Founder of the Tel Aviv Instutute, also wrote on X, “It’s truly telling how the best response an antisemite like Mia Khalifa can give is to tell her she smells. Jew-haters are looking awful lot like school-yard-bullies trying to push people around to make themselves feel better.

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