Crazy Town fight video

Crazy Town is a duo musical rap-rock band who’s perform live from one state to the other. In the past news, the co-vocalist of the group was seen engaging in a physical fight a disastrous performance in Myrtle Beach, a show that took place in California.

The Crazy Town group is name has certainly pop up and trending on the internet because a video was uploade on facebook showing the band-mates, Bobby Reeves and AKA Shifty Shellshock engaging brawl outside.

According sources, Binzer failed to appear onstage at the show on the same day of Nu Metal Madness Tour 2. This led to angry exchange, the two argue over the band performance fee, Threats were made.

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The 2 to 3 minutes video show the duo in a rough exchange of words as you could hear; Reeves shouting “you are going to steal the money” and Binzer responding back “I don’t have the money, bitch”.

The video quickly took over the internet and people started discussion it online. The video cannot be hosted here duo to the explicit content and sensitive words found in it.

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