Drake Meat Viral Video

FILE – Drake is not attending the 2024 Grammys (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello, File)

It is unclear how the video captioned “Drake Meat Viral Video” came online and how some social media users are searching for the video on twitter (X), reddit and telegram.

Drake, during his Nashville concert, Drake addressed the inappropriate video of him that has gone viral.

Drake The God’s Plan rapper in a a concert at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville on stage and flippantly referenced the viral video of hime engaging in a sexual act. “I know yáll probably waiting on me to address this, so the rumours are true.”

After a the dramatic pause, he continued, “My Dad is here!” and laughed off the situation again.

About the leaked Drake video the has gone viral

Drake, a 37-year-old Canadian, musician started trending on X as a video of him emerged on the platform. The video put on display the Grammy award winning artist, lying in bed and engaging in a sexual act.

Because Drake had not respond to the video, many believe the is an Ai generation. Much like drake’s leaked tape being calculated on the social media, a week ago NFSW deepfake photos of Taylor Swift which became the talk of the internet.

Howerver, unlike the actions followed in Swift’s case, Drake has been treaking the leak lightheartedly. He allegedly laughed off the situation in his talks with kick streamer Aiden Ross, his close friend.

Ross also reportedly claimed that Drake had sent him “like eight laughing emojis” in responds ro his cheeky voice note mentioning the video.

Despite the alleged Drake leaked clipping coming to light, the songwriter has remained unbothered and continued to share concert updates on his instagram along with photos on his stories.

The original video was reportedly removed from X, but not before it garnered unblievable views. The user who did the deed cannot be found either, as their account was suspended.

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