Twitch Streamer Sketch Gay Onlyfans Videos & Photos

Twitch Streamer Sketch Gay Onlyfans Videos & Photos

Earlier in the news, Trending photos and video of Twitch streamer was seen trending on (X) formally twitter, suggest that Twitch used to be a gay onlyfans creator.

In a streaming video nearly seven minutes long stream, Kylie Cox a.k.a Sketch gave emotional reactions to the alleged pictures and videos that has surface in the past.

Sketch made a confession that he was the person in the picture which has gone viral.

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I”ll start from the top, open and honest that was me” just at the beginong of the stream video, “That was me. It’s Okay though, I tell you what, two years I did some stuff. I’m sorry if you’ve seen some of the stuff. You know I’m changed person.. I did not have sexual relations with that man! Am just kidding I did possibly

Watch video below.

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