The Baby Hamburger viral video

Mother feeding her 2 years old son boy with hamburger burger. Gimbal camera movement shot.

The topic baby hamburger story has been a mystery as the source is unknown. People are searching for the full video to watch but to no avail. Social media content creator’s took to their handler’s making deep web videos about it. Video circulating showing a baby eating burger, which has currently become meme on tiktok and other social media platform.

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A video posted on Facebook by Pavlo in 2020 titled burgers and babies received thousand of views as it’s headline is similar.

A video on ESPN titok page also recieved millions of views as it also show a baby or a child sitting on her father lap snatching a burger of the Dad, captioned “He was #hungry 🤣 (via @Vanessa Johnson) #Baby #Burger #Food #Family”

@espn He was #hungry 🤣 (via @Vanessa Johnson) #Baby #Burger #Food #Family ♬ original sound – ESPN

See some other tiktok reations and videos shared below.

Another video was shared by @srowetnt also took over tiktok receiving millions of views.

@srowetnt ♬ original sound – SHANNA ☀️
@ceeekayy_ Baby Ryan tries @innoutburgerofficial for her first time 🍔🍟🤣 #innout #innoutburger #foryou #viral ♬ original sound – Courtney Kelly

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