How to sew a nurse hat

The hat of the nurse look nice right? and here easy way and procedures on “how to sew a nurse hat”. To do that, one need to have the following tool and materials;

Tools needed: Sewing machine, Rotary cutter, Ruler, Cutting mat, Pins, Scissors, Fabric glue.

Materials needed: 1/3 yard white fabric, 2/3 yard heavyweight iron-on fusible interfacing, White thread, Red felt and Thin elastic (optional).

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Steps On how to sew a nurse hat

1. Prepare the Basic Pieces

Cut the fusible interfacing into two 12-by-20-inch pieces. Iron them to the back of the white fabric.

Next, cut two rectangles of the white fabric measuring 11 by 19 inches each. Cut a 5-by-7-inch rectangle out of the two lower corners of each piece. The 7-inch side should be along the long edge of the rectangle. (If you are making this hat for an 18-inch doll, cut 5-by-8.5-inch rectangles. And then cut 2.25-by-3-inch rectangles from the corners.)

Sew around all of the edges with a 1/4-inch seam allowance, leaving a 3-inch opening on the bottom of the “T” shape. Then, clip the corners.

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2. Top Stitch and Press the Nurse’s Hat

Turn the hat right side out, and roll the seams between your fingers to open them. Iron the hat, including the opening, making sure the seam allowance is pressed in evenly.

Top stitch around the edges with a 1/8-inch allowance.

Then, fold the “T” edge up, so the horizontal edges are 1 inch below the long edge. Press with an iron.

3. Sew the Back of the Nurse’s Hat

Fold a small pleat in the “T” shape, and sew it with a horizontal line.

Bring the inside corners of the long edges to the back of the hat. Pin them in place at a slight angle near the bottom and the pleat. Sew the corners with small vertical lines.

Add a Red Cross to Finish the Nurse’s Hat

Cut a 2-inch square of red felt, and cut a 1/2-inch square out of each corner to make a cross. Attach the cross to the front of the hat with fabric glue. (If you are making a doll hat, start with a 1-inch square, and cut out 1/4-inch squares from the corners.)

NOTE:  If you’re making this for a child’s costume or a doll, or if you just want to skip the hassle of hairpins, add a thin elastic chin strap. Put the hat in place, and measure the elastic based on the head size of who will be wearing it, cutting it a little shorter so it can stretch when worn. Sew the ends to the sides of the hat.

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