Jose Alfredo Cabrera Barrientos (Mayoral Candidate) shot dead

Moyoral candidate, Jose Alfredo Cabrera Barrientos

Sad news

The Moyoral candidate, Jose Alfredo Cabrera Barrientos has ben shot dead in front of a crowd of the people in Mexico.

It was reported, earlier before his death, Barrientos had requested greator number of security due to the large number of threats received, said Quadratin agency said.

Jose Alfredo Cabrera candidate for Mayor of Coyuca de Benitez, Guerrero, for pri-pan-pad colition, was assasinated during a campaigh closing event which has cause d shocked and heartbroken to his followers.

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From the scene Cabrera Barrientos had his back turn to continue his movement when the attacker appeared and fired at two shots, creating chaos among tose present. At least fifteen gunshot were heard as everyone run for safety.

Alleged report by Infobae indicate some people were injured at the scene, turning to horrofic event.

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