Bernina Express 2024; Train and Route

Bernina Express 2024; Train and Route

The beautiful Bernina Express train take is route in a fantastic atmosphere between south-east Switzerland and the northern Italy. In this article we will learn more on its ticket, reservations and the route of the train.

panomramic windows in Bernina express

All You Need To Know About Berina Express Train

Before buying a ticket one need to know the following;

  1. The Berina Express provides a four hour beautiful train ride between Chur in Switzerland and Tirano in Italy.
  2. You will imediately see a green view and valleys after take off,.
  3. The train provides confortable seats, information about it’s route and panomramic windows to transparet view.
  4. The Berina Express is a direct trip train.
  5. The Berina Express is free with Swiss Travel Pass only not on reservation seat.

The Bernina Express Train

The Bernina Express is a famous confortable world class train riding along Chur south-east of Switzerland and Tirano in norther Italy. Taking Albula rail line and spiral loops, the berina express ride through lake Lago, Bianco, Palu Glacia and the Mediterrabean including Poschiavo valley.

Video of bernina express by Norm Faner of youtube.

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