Why you should visit these 10 Tourist sites in Ghana

Why you should visit these 10 Tourist sites in Ghana. Are you on or planning on a vacation, then come to Ghana. Ghana is a very beautiful country in west Africa hosting many natural resources, lovely landscapes, animal and a lot more.

A country with different ethnicity, different culture and with good hospitality.

The people in Ghana are mostly farmers and agricultural contribute to most it Gdp. The country can boast of many tourist site which includes,

Kakum National Park
Cape Coast Castle
Mole National Park
Elmina Castle
Aburi Botanical Garden
Black Star Square
Lake Bosomtwe
Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park & Mausoleum
Boti Waterfalls
Kakum National Park

The above tourist places is a must visit any time you visit Ghana. There are many affordable hotels a with comforts to help you relaxed.

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