WATCH Video: Most divorced women regret their decision, Maame Yeboah to Ladies

Most divorced women regret their decision, Maame Yeboah to Ladies – Ghana ladies are very obsessed with anything wedding but some lose its taste months after walking down the aisle as a result of many factors.

In their single period, the 21st century Ghanaian lady will be doing everything humanly possible to get the ring on her finger which includes worrying their pastors to remember them in prayers.

So, it becomes more worrying to see them losing the taste of marriage after the gargantuan wedding for obvious reasons. But the good news is that media personality, J. A. Afriyie Asiedu popularly known as Maame Yeboah has a word for such ladies.

In a video available to us, Maame Yeboah stated that excuses made by women like “the man is not good enough, he is cheating, I don’t love him anymore, he is not treating me well…” were petty excuses and women should avoid them.

She suggested that women who left their husbands for other women to take over, should consider themselves failures and do not have any right to advice others. Hence she advice married women to shun such women.

She however blamed the error or if you like women leaving their husbands on brainwashing from fake divorcees on social media. To the best knowledge of Maame Yeboah, leaving your husband in the name of cheating is never the best move.

Watch video below: