Watch Thomas Knyvett College Fight Video – Ashford School Fight

Watch Thomas Knyvett College Fight Video – Ashford School Fight

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Ashford school attack: Suspects banned from Surrey

Black rights group say they will teach 15-year-old black girl attacked outside school gates Brazilian jiu jitsu and tutor her at home – as activists vow to ‘go back into the lion’s den’ after organising protests and demanding sacking of headteacher.

The combat vest wearing black rights group holding protests after a 15-year-old black girl was beaten up have pledged to support her with private tuition and GoFundMe donations if she chooses not to return to school, MailOnline can reveal.

Forever Family will also give the unnamed schoolgirl six months of martial arts and self-defence classes after a gang of white children as young as 11 began hitting, kicking and tearing braids from her head in Ashford, Surrey.

Its founder is rapper Khari McKenzie, 29, who performs under the stage name Raspect, organised the rallies outside Thomas Knyvett College and later close to the home of a family of travellers they blame for the attack, branding it the ‘lion’s den’.

The victim’s cousin, who also took part in the protests this week, says the 15-year-old is still in pain, quite withdrawn and not really eating since the beating.

Ashford School Fight Full Video

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Thomas Knyvett College Fight Video

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