WATCH: Jesus Lopez Ortiz Chucho crocodile video

What has happened “Jesus Lopez Ortiz Chucho crocodile video reddit, twitter and telegram has taking the internet by storm. Jesus lopez is no more after a dragged under water attack by a crocodile in costa rica. The soccer player tried to swim but couldn’t make make. This is heart-breaking death. Full details below.

Jesus Lopez Ortiz Chucho crocodile video

A Costa Rican player was killed by a crocodile when he jumped into a river to swim. Jesus Chucho Lopez Ortiz jumped into the river to swim although swimming there was not allowed due to presence of crocodiles. The crocodile killed Ortiz before shocked bystanders and was seen swimming with the player’s dead body.

The body of the player could be recovered only after the crocodile was shot dead. Lopez Ortiz was a soccer player with an amateur club Deportivo Rio Canas. Shocking viral video: Crocodile kills soccer player, swims with dead body in its jaws before being shot dead.

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