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Here we are going to talk about James Charles Korean Makeup viral video as the public is seaching over the internet. We have brought information about him in this article and we are going through with you to get the full original video in details below.

James Charles Korean Makeup viral video reddit twitter

James Charles Korean Makeup viral video came to the public attention after a social media users shared the entire complete full video on reddit and twitter. For users who want to look like korean with makeup should read the full article.

The Chinese beauty influencers who were depicted on the thumbnail of James’ video were also mentioned. Others argued that because James didn’t do enough research, he chose to emulate China’s widely used Douyin makeup rather than Korean makeup.

Despite using Korean beauty brands in the video, the YouTuber received criticism for confusing Chinese influencers for Koreans. The Asian beauty community was allegedly insulted by James Charles’ makeup shortly after, according to a video that was created by drag queen and YouTuber Rich Lux. James was labeled as uninformed and lacking in respect and understanding in a user comment on Rich’s video.

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