Viral video of Tayla (Charmquell) Trending on social media

Viral video of Tayla (Charmquell) Trending on social media. Lets share with you some shocking news that has been getting a lot of attention lately. This is the latest information about Furat Yayla (Sharmkil).

Recently there was a strong earthquake in the southeastern part of Turkey near the Syrian border and according to the data and our geological study, the magnitude of the earthquake was calculated to be around 7.8 , i.e. 17.9 km from 04:17 local time. .

What Happened At Firat Yayla ( Charmquell )?

Talking of the location, many places nearby felt this earth-quake including Turkish capital Ankara, another city in Turkey and according to reports, many buildings collapsed during this quake and due to this nature, many people are suffering from climatic conditions. However, a second quake was reportedly felt within minutes, but we’ll keep you updated with more information.

Firat Yayla ( Charmquell ) Earthquake Incident Explained
Although there have been no reports or updates on the injured, multiple videos of damage to infrastructure and casualties are circulating on social media, and people are praying for those present. You suffer greatly in this case. Until now, we do not know how many families have been harmed in this particular trap and how many people have lost their loved ones, but a large number of people have been caught in it.

Firat Yayla ( Charmquell ) Earthquake Video
Many stories and some videos are going viral on social media platforms and after seeing the images we can see how people are suffering and the challenges they are facing. According to reports, there was a mall in the city that collapsed. Known as Turkey’s most famous and important industrial and manufacturing center, the southern region of Gaziantep borders Syria.

We know that earthquakes have both immediate and long-term health effects and can cause trauma-related deaths and injuries from collapsed buildings and related shocks and injuries from secondary seismic impacts. People’s lives are affected and people are even losing their lives. Earthquakes are caused by the movement of plate crust, passive attacks cause baby constructions, including schools, and the economy of the location in question is affected.