VIDEO: Mami Jordan Habla De Toxic Y Toxic Crow

Mami Jordan Habla De Toxic Y Toxic Crow Full Video

Mami Jordan Habla De Toxic Y Toxic Crow. ‘We are going to end your media circus and dismantle your film that fills your ego and your Machiavellian desire to want to harm my relationship and my family. I give you 24 hours to complete your challenge and upload it wherever you want’

These were the words of Toxic Crow for the influencer, who has been saying for a long time that she was with the urban exponent and even has images of said infidelity.

It is recalled that over the weekend La insuperable and Mami Jordan threw bottles at a discotheque, where the second mentioned was a figure invited by said business.

Now Crow challenges Mami Jordan to show alleged images, to earn a million pesos if she uploads said content to the networks, while thousands of users comment on this show.