‘Video’ Kwesi Arthur responds to DopeNation’s ‘Chairman’ diss track

Kwesi Arthur responds to DopeNation’s ‘Chairman’ diss track – Award-winning Ghanaian Hip-Hop artiste, Emmanuel Kwesi Danso Arthur Junior, known in showbiz as Kwesi Arthur has rejected claims of disrespect made by music group, DopeNation, against himself.

DopeNation alleged that Kwesi Arthur and his team disrespected them during a show at the Ghana Telecom University College (GTUC).

According to the group of two; Michael Boafo and Tony Boafo, they were to climax the show and had been waiting for about three hours only for them to be pushed, elbowed and injured by members of Kwesi Arthur’s team when they were about to grace the stage, preventing them from performing.

This led them to record a diss track titled ‘Chairman’, earlier this month, directed at Kwesi Arthur for what they describe as disrespect and pride from the BET Awards nominee and his team.

However, in an exclusive interview with ABC News, Kwesi Arthur indicated he knew nothing about the accusation and believes it might have been a misunderstanding.

“Me I don’t know, I woke up and I saw my name trending on Twitter so I checked and I saw DopeNation. From their explanation of the video, we went to a concert at Ghana Telecom University and they say my people elbowed them but let’s not dwell on the negativity…I think it was a misunderstanding” he stated.

He explained that his philosophy in life has always been to lift others up and will never try to pull anyone down as is being suggested by DopeNation.

DopeNation, in a viral video which circulated shortly ‘Chairman’ was released, said, “we were expecting an apology for a long time, so show respect to whoever respect is due”

But responding to this, Kwesi Arthur said the two have never reached out to either himself or his team and therefore won’t apologize.

“What I will say is I believe in lifting others up and going together, cause when you go alone something little can bring you down so I won’t do something intentionally to bring the other man down. I believe in abundance, there are so many things everyone can get. I think it was a misunderstanding plus they know my people, they have their numbers.

“One of the guys they work with lives in our neighbourhood and they have our numbers too so if anything they could call us for us to talk but they just recorded a diss song and I heard it but I won’t respond to that. I have peace with everyone, I don’t hate anyone so I don’t know what will make someone do that” he indicated.

Watch excerpt of interview with Kwesi Arthur below:

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