Video De Maeb Detenida Acoso La Influencer Almeria

Breaking news, Video De Maeb Detenida Acoso La Influencer Almeria has taking the internet by storm where the influencer Almeria has been arrested. The original real complete video was posted on twitter and reddit and is now in the public attention. Get details here.

Video De Detenida Acoso La Influencer Almeria

The famous tiktoker Maeb was arrested by the Civil Guard last May, as EL ESPAÑOL has been able to confirm, in Roquetas de Mar, for an alleged crime of sexual abuse when she recorded a friend who was asleep to later upload to social networks. But right now, she is free with charges.

Maeb’s friend reported the facts to the Guadalajara Civil Guard, explaining that an acquaintance had kissed her and touched her genitals while she was sleeping, without her consent. Waking up and realizing what was happening, the young woman left the place. After this, she received insults and death threats through phone calls.

Hours after the news broke, Maeb has responded through her Instagram stories denying that she was arrested this Sunday. “How annoying you are, that they haven’t arrested me, guys, don’t scratch anymore, I’m in my house very calm; you believe all the fucking hoaxes. I’m just going to say that today I was not arrested, as they have said. I have everything in the hands of lawyers and I have proof of everything ,” he concluded his statement through his social networks.

After receiving the complaint, the investigators found the videos that triggered the accusation and contacted the Civil Guard of Roquetas de Mar to proceed with the arrest of the influencer . In addition, it has been discovered that the videos were sent to a private TikTok group .

The influencer already had a previous history of harassment on the internet and in March she already received a complaint for allegedly sending nude photos of herself to minors . After this arrest, Maeb faces the crime of sexual assault, disclosure of secrets and threats.

But who is Maeb?
Maeb, by the acronym of her real name, María Escobar Baeza, is an influencer from Almería with accounts on TikTok (@lamaebecita) and Instagram (@mabecitaroquetera ) , which between them accumulate hundreds of thousands of followers and her videos are among the most viewed from the TikTok Spain platform.

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