Tucker Carlson Putin Meme, Interview Video

Tucker Carlson Putin Meme, Interview Video

In an unexpected turn of events, U.S. conservative pundit Tucker Carlson recently found himself in Moscow interviewing Russian President Vladimir Putin.

While the two-hour interview covered a myriad of topics, including a historical lesson by Putin justifying the war against Ukraine, it became an unexpected source of humor and memes on social media. Let’s delve into the highlights and reactions that ensued.

Video Interview of Tucker Carlson and Putin

Video Interview of Tucker Carlson and Putin. There’s nothing quite like a history lesson, especially when it comes from Russian President Vladimir Putin. In a recent interview with U.S. conservative pundit Tucker Carlson, Putin delved into a historical narrative to justify the war against Ukraine, ranging from the founding of the Ryurik dynasty to the break up of the U.S.S.R. The interview, lasting two hours, left viewers with mixed reactions.

While not everyone has the time to watch the entire interview, social media users have embraced the lighter side of the conversation, creating memes to share their perspectives. One meme humorously asks, “You up?” reflecting the late-night timing of the interview for Moscow viewers.

Before the interview even premiered, the internet fixated on Putin’s choice of attire, particularly his pants. Blogger Uliana Yapparova suggests a humorous question for Carlson: “Who chooses your pants?” The memes playfully speculate about Putin’s fashion choices, adding a touch of levity to the serious political discourse. Referencing a famous quote about Russia’s allies, a meme suggests that Putin’s only allies are “Twix the Cat and Tucker Carlson.”

This lighthearted take includes a recent incident where a cat named Twix became a national scandal in Russia after being thrown from a train car and freezing to death. Russian comedian Anton Pikuli humorously captures the essence of Carlson’s interview with Putin, illustrating the Russian president diverting questions with historical anecdotes.

The meme playfully reflects the absurdity of the situation, highlighting the surreal nature of the interview. Referencing a comedian’s query about the “Soviet Onion,” the article playfully invites readers to imagine what hypothetical questions comedian Philomena Cunk might have posed to Putin.

This adds a touch of humor to the serious political context of the interview. The article questions Putin’s decision to trace history only back to the Middle Ages when justifying the invasion of Ukraine. It humorously suggests Putin could have gone further, perhaps back to the creation of the solar system or the Big Bang.

Anticipating the impact of the interview on social media, a meme predicts the emergence of “February 9 Victory in the Information War Day.” This speculative image adds a humorous twist to the ongoing narrative surrounding Putin’s actions. Despite the serious nature of the interview, Carlson’s subdued demeanor and limited questioning style sparked discussions.

The article raises concerns about the absence of crucial questions regarding Russia’s actions in Ukraine and Putin’s controversial statements. Analysts suggest Putin strategically chose Carlson for the interview due to perceived sympathy and the potential to influence the more conservative reaches of the Republican Party. The article highlights the possibility of this outreach impacting U.S. politics during an election year.

Watch full video below.