Tiara Torres onlyf leaked on tiktok, what’s really happening with her videos

Tiara Torres onlyf leaked on tiktok, what’s really happening with her videos. The Prince and Princess of Wales made a surprise appearance on Thursday at the wedding of Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan to architect Rajwa Alseif, which took place at Zahran Palace before 140 select guests.

During the ceremony we did not expect to see tiaras or large jewelry because etiquette prohibited their use, but Kate captivated us in equal measure with a romantic pink dress with rich embroidery. Luckily, a few hours later, when the reception arrived and the banquet followed, we got to see Prince William’s wife in a stunning dress, complete with her favorite tiara and Queen Elizabeth II earrings.

That night, the Princess of Wales lit up like no other, literally, thanks to the sparkling dress she chose. The long-sleeved design has a round neckline and is completely covered in pink sequins, and if that were not enough, not only does it have rhinestone trimmings embroidered in the same sweet hue, but it also has a belt made with the same stones. added to mark her waist.

This eye-catching bet may have been a bit risky for many guests, but Kate’s loyal fans will remember that she had an identical model called Georgia, Emerald Green. She first wore it during a visit to Pakistan in October 2019, but she wore it again two years later at a charity gala.

It was a very popular design among European royal women and she wasn’t even the only one wearing it. Princess Mary of Denmark chose it (also in pink) as her official portrait for her 50th birthday, which she celebrated in February 2022.

The last time Kate dressed up for a banquet, including a tiara, was in November 2022, at a state dinner for the president of South Africa in Buckingham. During these glamorous dates she usually combines the unforgettable Lover’s Knot tiara that Diana, Princess of Wales wore on numerous occasions, with some haute couture pieces from one of her main brands, be it Alexander McQueen or Jenny Packham.

As we predicted, the princess chose the latter for Crown Prince Hussein’s wedding, a hallmark of many of her most stunning soiree looks, with her aforementioned mother-in-law’s tiara as a key accessory.

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