This Is Why I Will Never Marry “Mzbel”

This Is Why I Will Never Marry “Mzbel”- Songstress and radio presenter Mzbel has once again reiterated that marriage is not for her and won’t even rush into it although society reminds her that her biological clock is ticking.

The singer who is a mother of one and turned 40 on December 26 adds that although she’s dating a responsible man currently, she won’t be coaxed into the institution of marriage because of pressure.

She said:

“I am dating a very responsible guy, he is like a father figure to me and a big brother at the same time. The thing is, I don’t have plans of settling down soon. If it happens, fine, but I don’t think marriage is for everyone.

She added;

“I love the way we are now, the way we are is cool. I feel I can’t handle marriage, the way we are now is very private and quiet, no family member involved, no drama, no trouble. “He has changed me a lot. I am not as loud as I used to be on social media. He is very supportive of me and all my businesses and I am very glad to have him in my life.”