There will be serious harmattan this December – Ghana Meteo cautions

There will be serious harmattan this December – Ghana Meteo cautions. The Ghana Meteorological Office (GMet) says Ghanaians ought to prepare themselves for a serious Harmattan season all through December 2023. The Organization credited the improvement to the appearance of a dry mainland wind.

By and by, Ghana is experiencing dry and dusty breezes; normal for the Harmattan season. Frederick Cudjoe, a Senior Meteorologist at the Office, underscored in a meeting with Citi News on Thursday, December 14, the requirement for Ghanaians to play it safe to keep away from mishaps during this season.

“We exhort that when perceivability turns out to be extremely poor particularly promptly in the first part of the day and afterward at day break, drivers ought to play it safe, particularly by utilizing their haze lights and furthermore driving inside as far as possible.

“Additionally, individuals who go to ranches, we encourage that they avoid potential risk to forestall any fire episode,” he said.

“Once more, since we will have particles in the air, we prompt that perhaps we can put on our nose veils during this period to try not to take in that frame of mind of those molecule into our respiratory frameworks.

“This is on the grounds that we are understanding that we have the dry mainland wind attacking our nation, and we anticipate that this condition should endure, particularly for the whole time of December right from this point to the furthest limit of the month.

“This implies that we will be getting a ton of this dryness coming from the Sahara and the Sahel locales into our country.

“And afterward additionally the residue conditions will be joined by winds which are coming from the northern piece of the landmass into our country,” he said.