The Video pack of Juliana Diaz and Maxi from Big Brother, the leaked intimate video

The Video pack of Juliana Diaz and Maxi from Big Brother, the leaked intimate video. Juliana Díaz recently published a video with Maxi Guidici denouncing Camila Lattanzio. Not in vain has the former Big Brother participant made accusations of “extortion” and “crimes against citizens”, as he also denounced his former colleagues Martina Stewart and Juan Ray Verdito.

Camila, who is currently read as a singer, visited the network’s television screens at the end of the program “Intermetidos” hosted by Carlos Monti and showed a video of the two talking together. There, Maxi passes by the camera and, with gora hands, pays tribute to Juliana and speaks next to her.

Well, don’t touch me anymore. Come out here. “Don’t worry, I have more time,” she said many times. At some point, she came out of the mountain and waited for him to kill Bueno. Thousands of people. And they had such an exchange. That night, after the video was shown on television, Camila Lattanzio told Lin that Juliana was reading Justice while reading the image. The current participant of Bailando 2023 expressed his disappointment in the “extortion” and “Cyber ​​Crimes”, since he also addressed Martina and Juan.

Pepe Ochoa writes: “They condemn the hacking, against Camila Lattanzio and Dante Coconi (Camila’s ex-boyfriend), and the act of extortion, placing Lattanzio with Amedrentó in the making of videos using hidden cameras,” writes Pepe Ochoa in Ángel de Brito in the circle.

He asked for a damning extract and called on Juliana to “request personal protection against the dissemination of content about me personally that could be obtained through illegal lawyers.” “We urge you to communicate with the following people: Camila Lattanzio, Martina Stewart, from Big Brother, Juan Reverdito and Dante Coconi.”

Producers and panelists said Diaz lost his personal Instagram account in May and shared Help with someone he met on the phone. Camila said regarding recovery. Some questions, related to Camilla’s visit and others.

Pilea’s relationship between the two women lasted weeks, when Camila was humiliated as a mother after the separation of Juliana and Maxi. “I got involved in a project when I didn’t know I wanted to be a part of it,” Lattanzio said of subsequent releases with colleagues.

“The other day Juliana sent me to give a speech and asked me to listen to this video: ‘Look, I have a lawyer that I talked to about the video.’ You didn’t catch it, I filmed it Go down and find the video. “They told me that when they died in the previous era of Caminto, they declared war on the future and I defended them,” he continued watching the video, which was from a “hidden camera” that his purpose was to show Díaz. “mints.”

«It’s the best thing to do… It’s like it’s the right thing to do. She took you three times when I told you I had to bother you and you got an email. It took you time to react and say “but, skinny.” Well, that’s the reaction I had, “exactly to come on the scene and say that the discussion first took place months ago.”