‘So When I Sh*t, You Will Also Go Sh*t Huh?’- Sister Derby Jabs Fella Makafui

‘So When I Sht, You Will Also Go Sht Huh?’- Sister Derby Jabs Fella Makafui – The renewed cold war between Fella Makafui and Sister Derby which was reignited by Derby’s brother, Wanlov Da Kubolor has hit a new note.

We all know how Fella cruelly snatched Sister Derby’s rapper boyfriend Medikal from her and this a wound Derby is yet to heal from.

Well although she secretly harbours resentment against the former Yolo actress, we have not witnessed any open fight such as what’s currently prevailing.

It was Wanlov who opened the can of worms by insisting Fella always copies everything her sister does. An angry Fella shot back with venom, describing the pair as fools.