Shatta Wale stole my song and he knows it- Kweku Smoke

Shatta Wale stole my song and he knows it- Kweku Smoke

One of Shatta Wale’s militant, Addi Self has landed heavily on the sensational new artist, Kweku Smoke for accusing Shatta Wale of stealing his song.

According to Addi Self, Kweku Smoke is just a village artist who wants quick fame with Shatta Wale’s name without working hard for it.

Addi Self who is regarded more as an errand boy of Shatta Wale added that artists who are from town (whatever that means) do not chase quick fame like village artists like Kweku Smoke.

He further warned Sarkodie’s boy, Kweku Smoke to be careful or he will deal with him. Addi Self gave his reaction on his Facebook timeline.

Addi Self posted:

“Village artist Always want quick fame pass we the city boys don’t bring it round ya … #wrongmove”

For the past few days, Kweku Smoke has come out at Shatta Wale, the CEO of Shatta Movement Family.

According to Kweku Smoke, Shatta Wale has stolen his song titled “On Dem”. He claims he gave a copy to Shatta Wale for a feature and Shatta has twisted the song and now claiming it’s his.

Hours after he came out with the first attack on Shatta, Kweku Smoke claim Shatta Wale is threatening to beat him and burn his car. Shatta himself is yet to react to the theft allegation.