See The Sad Moment Praye Tiatia Disfigured His Finger With A Knockout (+Photo)

Tiatia Disfigured His Finger With A Knockout (+Photo)-One thing most Ghanaians use to mark the end of the year is firecrackers popularly known in Ghana as knockout.

This habit is practised across the world as most kids love to hear the “boom” sound of it when it is lighted.

Aside the joy it brings to people, “knockout” has proven to be deadly.

One of such people to experience the deadliness of the knockout is Cartel Big J of the music trio Praye. Praye Tiatia as he is popularly known suffered major damage to his forefinger after it was hit by the firecracker otherwise known as “knockout”.

In a post on his Instagram page, Praye Tiatia shared a picture of his injured finger and advised the public to be careful of the dangerous product.

Check out the graphic image below;

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