Sarkodie loses his cool, blasts authorities of Ridge Hospital

Sarkodie loses his cool, blasts authorities of Ridge Hospital over a viral video

Ghana’s most decorated rapper and CEO of SarkNation, Sarkodie has fired shots at authorities of Ridge Hospital for the treatment given attendants at the hospital.

Sarkodie is one Ghanaian musician who has for long spoken about national issues through his music and Twitter posts. From 2014, he released 3 songs in relation to the hardships encountered by the Ghanian populace.

He also released ‘Balck Excellence’ to address issues concerning how the black race can be liberated totally from the whites.

Sarkodie seems really pissed off again over a video shared by Ghanaian comedian, Ajeezay.

In the video shared on Twitter by Ajeezay had some visitors of the big Hospital standing at a waiting area instead of sitting.

The voice at the background of the video explained that the security in-charge warned the visitors that he has been given orders from above to seize all from sitting at the portion allocated for all those waiting for their families or friends.

The funny thing about the whole situation, however, is the huge visiting area at the hospital with empty seats was left unoccupied as visitors were seen walking about aimlessly─and not knowing where to sit while they waited to see their wards.

The whole place that could have served as a place to help the visitors rest their waist was blocked.

Reacting to the video, Sarkodie asked why they spent taxpayers money to build visiting area if they weren’t going allow visitors to sit and rest there?
According to him, what is the essence of the whole building if the people it was meant for can’t use it.

“It’s really that bad how we treat our own people … like I never get this!!! You build this huge facility but can’t find no sitting areas for people? So what’s the essence??,” he quizzed.

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Watch the video below:

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