Question Your Children If You See Them With Expensive Things- Kanayo O. Kanayo Advises Parents

Question Your Children If You See Them With Expensive Things- Kanayo O. Kanayo Advises Parents

Prominent and a popular Nigerian actor, Kanayo O Kanayo has sent a piece of advice to parents and caretakers. According to the actor, why some parents and caretakers would see their children with luxurious things but will decide to keep mute.

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He claims often than not, parents and caretakers see their children with expensive things and instead of them questioning where the children got those things from, the parents tend to praise God and the children for being successful instead.

He said, these are children who have no work with some, in some cases students in Junior High School or Senior High School. The actor was speaking to a cross-section of some Nigerian women when he sent this piece of advice and a strong warning.

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In his view, most children today k-ll and do rituals before they can make a lot of money and afford certain things such as cars, and houses among others.

Kanayo divulged that failure on the side of the parents and caretakers to question their children and wards sometimes sent them to their early graves. He therefore sent a strong warning to them to question their children and find out what is behind the darkness if they see them with expensive things.

“Your daughter is 20 and she is not working but was able to buy a phone of 1.5 million, then you praise the Lord. Then she will give you 100,000 and you don’t ask questions, you won’t live long. That is what is killing a lot of parents”, he said.

Adding that “Your son who is not working comes with some kind of money, a kind of car, you don’t ask questions. I am warning you parents who don’t ask questions. You don’t know what your son killed to buy that car or the devil he took it from and you are praising God.”

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