Police Administration can do nothing to me – COP Alex Mensah (Rtd)

Retired Commissioner of Police, COP George Alex Mensah, has expressed that the Ghana Police Administration can’t punish him over the supposed plot to get the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Dr George Akuffo Dampare eliminated from office.

As indicated by him, regardless of whether the Advisory group views him to be entirelyliable of any wrongdoing, the state needs to take him on and demonstrate its body of evidence against him.

The man, who had been on leave before formally retiring on September 18, 2023 following 31-years in the help, was heard on a spilled tape running down Dr. Dampare’s organization, and proposing that he wouldn’t help the overseeing party if he somehow happened to remain in office till the 2024 decisions.

He was in the organization of another senior cop, Superintendent George Asare, along with a previous Northern Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party, Bugri Naabu, who has conceded recording the discussion.

COP Alex Mensah ((RTD), has since showed up before a parliamentary panel entrusted with researching the items on the tape, where he made further cursing claims about the IGP, depicting him as the most terrible IGP the help has at any point had.

The parliamentary committeeis yet to present its report subsequent to cross examining the gatherings regarding this situation including the IGP.

In any case, the now resigned COP Alex Mensah, who seems quiet about the occurrence, told Evans Mensah on PM Express, that even his associate, Director George Asare, who’s still in the help, has similarly dedicated no offense that ought to warrant any discipline.

“The board of trustees is making an ideal showing since they are searching for reality and they’ve gotten all reality to help them to become unavoidable with their report.

“Sadly for them, I’m not any more a cop. However, what has he [Supt. George Asare] done? Since he went to see a government official and addressed him he ought to be charged? For what? Assuming you go into the Police Administration’s guidelines and guidelines, that’s what it says, on the off chance that you do anything that will achieve political commotion, you can be charged. Furthermore, the person who brought the ruckus is the person who brought this [The recording] into the media. There was nothing similar to a plot” he repeated.

“The Police Administration can do nothing to me. On the off chance that the board of trustees comes out that I have carried out a wrongdoing, the state can do something to me. I don’t have anything to do with the Police Administration as I talk.

Found out if he resigned with every one of his advantages he answered “Indeed, nothing can be in risk. Assuming there’s a wrongdoing, even that one needs to go to court for the court to demonstrate that for sure I have carried out a wrongdoing” he contended.

As per the yearning New Patriotic Party (NPP) Parliamentary Possibility for the Bekwai Voting demographic in the Ashanti District, the entire issue has been misrepresented, demanding that there was never a plot to eliminate the IGP as has been recommended.

He demanded that the discussion was a confidential one, and that the emphasis ought to be on whoever released the discussion and not on the people who were having ordinary discussions.

The previous police magistrate has proactively let the parliamentary panel know that the tape was doctored to accomplish a specific vindictive plan.

“I said nothing off-base in the tape. I was not arranging an overthrow, nor was I wanting to proceed to sell cocaine or take. Everything that I expressed on the tape is reality. What’s more, as I said before the panel, in the event that you allow me the opportunity, I will express it here and say it elsewhere.”

What offense have we committed? Having a discussion with someone secretly is it an offense? Then, at that point, we ought to search for the individual who recorded and brought it out. He’s the person who has caused the issue. He’s the individual who ought to be charged. Individuals are simply misjudging everything. Confidential discussions are private discussions and in the event that you unlawfully record them and prosecute it will be discarded.”

The previous COP demanded that Bugri Naabu who welcomed him and Administrator Asare to the gathering clearly schemed with somebody and plotted the whole occurrence because of reasons most popular to him.

He told Evans Mensah that the embarrassment has really been a gift to him.

Found out if he had any second thoughts for what had occurred, he countered “No, never. God has His own particular manner of gift individuals. Had it not been for this tape, perhaps we could never have been here. My name and my image could not have possibly been where it is circling now. Presently, assuming you go to my voting demographic, everyone knows me. Everyone is searching for me.”

My companions who have not heard from me for a really long time are calling me from the U.S., U.K., and Germany all over the place. God has His own specific manner of raising someone. Some of the time you won’t comprehend, yet by the day’s end, you will comprehend and say, I thought this was an issue, however that was the manner in which the Master is utilizing to bring you up.”

SOURCE: Myjoyonline