OMG! Kofi Kingston loses WWE title, under one minute -VIDEO

Kofi Kingston has shocking lost his WWE Championship title to Brock Lesnar under just a minute.

Twitter has been buzzing following his defeat, with many suspecting “dirt” by WWE on the Ghanaian-American wrestler.

“They did Kofi Kingston dirty as HELL. All for Cain Velasquez and Brock Lesnar to stare each other down for the remaining minutes. BRUHHH,” a Twitter user wrote.

Another posted: “The amount of disrespect WWE showed to Kofi Kingston just now is unreal. Seth kicks out of F5’s like they’re nothing. Roman can stomach them for breakfast but Kofi eats one and it’s game over? Who said yes to that? ”

A user also observed that: “I think we all knew Brock Lesnar was winning tonight, whether you’re a fan, or not, Kofi Kingston DID NOT deserve the way his reign ended after the lengthy & strong reign he had. Couldn’t give these two ATLEAST 5 minutes? ”

Until yesterday, Kofi had not lost the WWE title since winning it back in May and has successfully defended his belt a number of times.

In May, Kofi visited Ghana for the first time in over two decades as part of the country’s much heralded Year of Return.

The Rasta-haired wrestler was born in Kumasi but moved to the United States (US) at a very tender age, where he started his wrestling career.

The Ghanaian wrestler made history by becoming the first ever African to win the WWE Championship.

The 37-year-old defeated Daniel Bryan at Wrestle-Mania 35 to achieve the historic feat.


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