Noti y paso video on reddit, who are wendy and emilio in the video

There Noti y paso video on reddit, who are wendy and emilio in the video taking the internet by storm, lets get the original real details below!

Noti y paso video on reddit

In the last hours, a twitter and reddit controversy shook Ecuador. The situation is linked to the fact that a young couple was recorded engage in adult act in the “Aerovía” cable car in the city of Guayaquil, in a video that was later posted on the Internet.

According to Karakol TV, the incident resulted in the dismissal of several cable car employees, who were also accused of spreading intimate information on social media.

who are wendy and emilio in the video

The two had an intimate encounter in an elevated cabin. Apparently they didn’t know he had security cameras.

The police, for their part, are looking for the two young people whom they could accuse of incitement “to acts contrary to morality and good customs”.

In a statement, the company said it regretted the actions of the former employee, but stressed that the facilities were not used for adult acts.

“The Guayaquil Air Suspension Union, operator of the Aerovía transport system, categorically rejects behaviors in our facilities that violate ethics and good morals, as well as the dissemination of mass-market audiovisual material,” they said.

“As System Operations Manager, all internal protocols were immediately activated and administrative action was taken against those involved who were no longer part of the consortium as a result of the incident. this is an isolated incident and should not affect this commercial operation of this means of transport,” they added.

Likewise, the company pointed out that for legal purposes, the cable car is considered a public space, which would lead to severe penalties for the two boys.