‘Mexican alien has been revealed as a cake’ video is so convincing

Recently a video circulating on the internet showcase a fallen alien corpse in Mexico city where users from all social media platform are searching the oringinal real full video to watch but what has happened? ‘Mexican alien has been revealed as a cake’ video is so convincing. The video was posted on twitter, reddit and telegram. Let get into the details below.

‘Mexican alien has been revealed as a cake’ video is so convincing

Attention fans on the internet, ‘Mexican alien has been revealed as a cake’ video is so convincing, a video posted on twitter, reddit and telegram. Social media users are convinced that the corpses of the supposed aliens shown in Mexican Congress were nothing but an exceptionally well-decorated edible cake! A video posted to Pubity’s X account is made to look like a clip shown on live television with the headline: ‘Alien’ revealed as cake.

The cake looks exactly like the supposed alien bodies we saw during the UFO briefing. The hand holding a knife cuts through the head of the alien at ease as the video proceeds to show the different layers of the dessert to prove it to be an actual cake.The text below the visual reads: “Suspected Alien corpse turns out to be a Cake”.

The clip has since gone viral on the Elon Musk platform, accumulating over 2.3 million views. Despite the striking resemblance the cake shares with the specimen displayed during the UAP briefing, it’s safe to say the clip is meant as a joke and it’s not to be taken seriously! It was perhaps an entry into the Cake or Fake challenge!

The clip of the ‘alien’ cake also seems like a jab at UFO enthusiasts for believing that the mummified specimen belongs to creatures from outer space when there’s no scientific evidence to establish that. In reaction to the viral clip, one user sarcastically said: “Knew it all along.

Just didn’t want to expose it.” “If this is from a Cake TV show, hey would be so proud,” said another. A third person said: “It was cake the whole time! You never know anymore, it’s either cake or AI-generated. LOL.” “Space cake no gravity no calories,” joked one user.