Maame Water Photo With Me has Made My Mum React Agrily – Lady Vomit

Maame Water Photo With Me has Made My Mum React Agrily – lady Vomit. A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to reveal how her mum reacted after she took a ‘harmless’ photo with the statue of a mermaid, widely called Maami Wata in Ghana and Nigeria.

Apparently, the photo was from an art gallery she visited in Ibadan, Oyo state. The lady proceeded to share the photo on her WhatsApp status and that was when her mother ‘fired’ her for posing with the revered ‘spirit.’

”Get out of there Osiso’‘ her mum wrote.

Maame Water is regarded as a powerful deity who has the ability in bring fortune and misfortune to whoever seeks her powers.

According to Wikipedia, Maami Wata’s appearance of her hair ranges from straight, curly to kinky black and combed straight back.

Most scholarly sources suggest the name “Mami Wata” is a pidgin English derivation of “Mother Water”, reflecting the goddess’s title (“mother of water” or “grandmother of water”) in the Agni language of Côte d’Ivoire, although this etymology has been disputed by Africanist writers in favor of various non-English etymologies, for example, the suggestion of a linguistic derivation from ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian, such as the Egyptian terms “Mami” or “Mama”, meaning “truth” “Uati” or “Uat-Ur” for “ocean water”.

While the exact context of the etymology has been challenged, the purpose of Mami Wata’s name derived from pidgin English is to both distinguish her “otherness” and connection with the African and African diaspora.

Mami Wata is understood to be a foreign spirit by Africans, and the recognition of her and her name is also a recognition of Africans comprehending worlds other than their own.