Law on ‘wee’ use will be abused – Kwame Agbodza warns

Law on ‘wee’ use will be abused, Kwame Agbodza warns. Minority chief Whip, Oversees Kwame Agbodza is cautioning that the Opiates Control Commission regulation passed by Parliament will be mishandled.

On Thursday, an Official Instrument which was laid by the public authority through the Inside Clergyman developed. This L.I. will actualise the law passed to authorize the utilization of pot for modern and restorative purposes, developed.

Executive of the Auxiliary Regulation Advisory group, Dr. Dominic Ayine emphasized that Parliament has not passed a regulation to sanction pot for sporting purposes. In the wake of framing the discipline system for victimizers of the new regulation, Dr Ayine let the House know that “this puts it certain that Parliament has not authorized weed for sporting purposes.

“Furthermore, that anyone discovered involving pot for sporting purposes on the conviction that it has been sanctioned may be placing themselves in a difficult situation,” he said. However, Minority Boss Whip, Oversees Kwame Agbodza says this regulation will unquestionably be mishandled and it isn’t ‘small’ that will change the fortunes of the country.

“And none of you is talking about the potential of abuse and how that can degenerate into mental health problems we already have in this country. Why are we pretending that this is going to solve our problem? Minister? Do you even know how many people in this country are smoking weed?” he quizzed.

“Even electricity that the sources we produce we are known, we are unable to police the amount of electricity we produce in this country. You are not talking about giving license to people to produce weed. While I don’t have the potential of stopping this, the fact is that Ghana is blessed enough with gold, diamond and just recently we found E-Levy, none of them is able to save our country,” the MP added.

In the interim, the new Bad habit Seat of the Sacred and Legitimate Undertakings Panel, Sarah Adwoa Safo contradicted Mr Agbodza. As per her, marijuana for restorative and modern purposes will help Ghana financially.

“We’re not talking about just a leaf in someone’s backyard, we’re talking about a whole industry that is been created. And if we have our fertile lands here, and we can grow and make sure that the right framework is in place, I don’t see why we can’t take advantage of it,” she said.

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