Kwaw Kese and Popcaan ‘fight’ over the viral video of him smoking weed in public

Kwaw Kese and Popcaan ‘fight’ over the viral video of him smoking weed in public – Ghanaian musician, Kwaw Kese and Jamaican dancehall artiste, Popcaan is on each other’s throat after a video surfaced of the latter smoking wee in public without been arrested like he was in 2013.

Back in 2013, Kwaw Kese whales in Kumasi was arrested for smoking wee in public.

What made Kwaw Kese fumed so much about the viral video was the fact there was the presence of some Police officers but all they could do was to watch the Jamaican smoke in the full glare of the public without doing anything about it.

Kwaw Kese who didn’t like how the situation was handled took to Instagram to lambast the Police personnel and Popcaan for disrespecting the laws of this country.

Kwaw posted the viral video on his page and captioned; “Only in Ghana foreigners Can fuck up like this . When @kwawkese smoked in public he was arrested . So this means our Law set only to control on the citizens but foreigners are free To Go ..the most painful part is Ghana 🇬🇭 👮🏻‍♀️ 👮 police . None of them was able to speak the truth out because of the small coins which will be given out .. Ooh Ghana 🇬🇭.”

Popcaan who felt he was been referred to as a foreigner replied Kwaw Kese saying he isn’t a foreigner but an African who can team up with him and ask the President to legalise the substance.

“i’m not a foreigner bro we all came from africa don’t be mad bro let’s try to organize a meeting with the government to legalize weed it’s simple #unruly,” Popcaan replied.