Kufuor prompts NPP against factionalism

Ex President John Agyekum Kufuor has communicated worries about what he sees as well established factionalism inside the New Devoted Party (NPP).

Mr. Kufuor, who drove the country from 2000 to 2008, expressed that he has noticed massive contrasts in the present NPP contrasted with what it used to be.

In a meeting with Accra-based TV3, the previous president underscored the requirement for the NPP to painstakingly survey its exercises as it pushes ahead.

He featured the significance of solid responsibility inside the party, comparing it to a type of devotion practically likened to a strict conviction.

“The manner in which I feel it, I don’t detect a similar solid responsibility. I have compared obligation to very nearly a religion. I don’t detect that at this point. We are talking legitimate majority rule government, a comprehensive one, you wouldn’t accentuate groups.”

Mr. Kufuor noticed that the feeling of responsibility he once felt inside the party appears to have faded and highlighted the significance of rehearsing legitimate vote based system, stressing inclusivity over factionalism. He brought up that stressing groups inside the party, whether at the electorate or public level, prompts division and obstructs participation.

“When the act of choosing voting demographic or public, you wouldn’t be so disruptive and accentuating group. He has a place with that side so no participation. [If] you do that you are partitioning the power,” he expressed.