Kevin Gates Story Video Instagram; What Happened With Kevin Gates Instagram?

Kevin Gates Story Video Instagram; What Happened With Kevin Gates Instagram?. Rapper and songwriter Kevin Gates has left the internet stunned after sharing a live NSFW (Not Safe For Work) Instagram story.

Everyone who goes on the internet regularly knows that browsing the web comes with the risk of seeing something you don’t actually want to see.

That risk is especially acute on social media, where people you follow may post things that you look at without full awareness of what you’re about to uncover.

Instagram users who follow Kevin Gates recently found themselves in exactly this situation when they discovered that the rapper had posted something incredibly NSFW to his Instagram Story.

What Happened With Kevin Gates Instagram?

On May 8th, 2023, Kevin Gates, shared a video on his Instagram story that showed a mother giving birth to a child.

“The Most Beautiful thing on earth is the gift of Life,” Kevin wrote in the caption accompanying the video.

The video features a woman named Kendra who’s giving birth naturally with help from her partner.

While the moment when they meet their child is very special, many people were horrified by how graphic the video had been up until that point.

Some people who saw the video even assumed it was Kevin’s wife giving birth, but the original video was actually posted last month.