Karyawati PT Cikarang Viral video tape reddit, twitter

The public became aware of the Karyawati PT Cikarang Viral video link posted on reddit, twitter when a social media user shared it online. PT Ikeda fired H, the boss who had invited female employees to staycation in Cikarang .

In addition, Alfi Damayanti ‘s appearance without a mask was finally revealed. These are some of the developments in the case of the manager who invited Cikarang female staycation viral staycations to the public spotlight recently.

Karyawati PT Cikarang Viral video tape

PT Ikeda took firm action by firing H, the manager who had invited an employee in Cikarang named Alfi Damayanti to staycation . PT Ikeda is an outsourcing company that places Alfi Damayanti at the Cikarang company as a production operator.

Yes, the latest news is that the perpetrator has been temporarily disabled by the company. PT Ikeda’s boss even expressed his gratitude to AD, the female employee in the ” staycation ” case who dared to report to the police.

PT Ikeda’s attorney , Ruddy Budhi Gunawan, said the company was sympathetic to what had happened to AD. “We thank the AD for having the courage to report to the authorities,” said Ruddy when giving a press statement, Saturday (13/4/2023).

PT Ikeda criticized the actions of H, the person who was said to have invited AD for a ” staycation “.

Ruddy said that H’s actions were personal behavior, not in PT Ikeda’s Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). AD’s bravery made the company aware of the actions of H, who was known to be the outsourcing manager for the partner company where AD was placed.

Because of that, PT Ikeda handed over to the authorities about the case. His party also summoned H for questioning. H is said to have invited AD to eat and go for a walk.

H has now been temporarily disabled to focus on legal proceedings. If proven guilty, the company will certainly give strict sanctions.