I’m pregnant but my husband doesn’t know that he is not the dad. What do I do?

I’m pregnant but my husband doesn’t know that he is not the dad. What do I do?

Well when it comes to such decision, the choice is yours but we will suggest the below answer to the problem at hand.

Confess you are guilty. Tell him the truth. Let him decide. If you were able to cheat him, you must have courage to face the situation. And if he can’t tolerate, set him free for someone loyal to him.

We know your truth. We don’t know his truth. And improve your character. You did cheating with your husband. Put yourself in his shoes and you will understand how it feels to be cheated this way.

Be a good human. Don’t get surrender to the evil inside you. Accept your mistake. If you can’t heal, don’t give deep hurts. Be aware of what you are doing and take responsibility. You, He, everyone have only one life. Don’t ruin it.

Now with the baby, you can go to father of baby, or it’s your baby, take its responsibility. Take responsibility of your future. Go to some expert for suggestion is better option. You are not a baby. Don’t ruin anyone’s life or even not their time, money and peace.

For this world of hatred, greed, envy; it’s a bit hard to be human. It is even harder to be Angel. For the world of compassion, love, peace, giving; it’s most wonderful and easy to be human. Choose your world. Inside out.

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