I can not be an ex-convict -Fantana tell Ghanaians

I can not be an ex-convict -Fantana tell Ghanaians

RuffTown Records’ newest signee Fantana has warned her critics not to describe her as an ex-convict. According to the “Girls Hate on Girls” hitmaker, she was jailed for less than 8 hours and was later released.

Fantana further explained that she wasn’t present in the courtroom because she hasn’t been in trouble before and also had a Lawyer.

The musician added that she had a fight with her roommate and threw her bracelet out of the window out of anger.

She explained that she can only be tagged as an ex-convict if she spent time in prison but she was just in jail for less than 8 hours.

“When someone is convicted they serve time. I didn’t even step in the courtroom to be convicted. I had a lawyer but I didn’t step in the courtroom because I haven’t been in trouble before and it was just a girls-girls thing.

I got into a fight with my roommate and I threw her bracelet out of the window. So I was just in there for less than 8 hours and I came out. I have never been in trouble in my life, I don’t even have a record. I am not an ex-convict”, Fantana disclosed.

It can be recalled that several months ago there were reports that Fantana was imprisoned for theft.

However, Fantana has explained that she is not an ex-convict and shouldn’t be tagged as such.


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