How to make money online (5 easy and simple ways)

How to make money online (5 easy and simple ways). When it comes to online, there are a lot of options on how to make money. A friend once ask me this; “He said, I have never seen you work but you are always making money. Tell me what do you do?”

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I smiled and answered, online. Am going to show you exactly what am doing now. Am a blogger and I publish. As I said earlier there are a lot of option which am going to just list five simple ways.

Online ways of making money!

  • Become a blogger ie, own a blog. This is the option where you as a blogger will sell various ads for profit making.
  • Start your own youTube page and create your own content. With this option you as the youtuber advertised through google ads as well as agencies advertisement for making the money.
  • Work from home and promote it online. Get a skilled work and contact the various advertising agencies to promote you work.
  • Become a publisher. This is the aspect where you will be writing articles for website and get paid. eg opera publisher.
  • Become a trader in crypto currencies. eg bitcoin trader etc

Well, you never thought of these right, I guess its time to start doing something online and receive returns than never. Good luck guys.

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