Highest Paid Kdrama Actresses In 2023: Richest Korean Actresses

Highest Paid Kdrama Actresses In 2023: Richest Korean Actresses. As we know netizens are trying to know about the Top 10 Highest Paid Kdrama actresses in 2023. As we know fans are trying to know about the highly paid Korean actresses. People are putting their questions on the search engine and trying to know about the news.

You are on the right page to know about the news. Who are the top 10 actresses? How has been their career? As we know Kdrama actresses are famous all over the world. We will try to cover all the details about the news to gain moreover details about the news. Let’s put your eyes on the points.

Highest Paid Kdrama Actresses In 2023

1. Jun Ji-Hyun – This name is a popular name and she has gained a good fan-following among people. She held the title of the highest-earning Korean actress in 2021. She successfully impressed people with her work and charged an impressive 100 million won for a single episode.

2. Song Hye-Kyo – No, doubt she is a famous actress, who has done great work in her life and created a reputed place among people. Her TV dramas have become famous worldwide. She gets a considerable $54,400 USD for the scene she plays in any project. She has good skills in acting and the way to impress fans.

3. Lee Young-ae – She has worked in several films and TV dramas for example “First Kiss,” “Gangnam Beauty,” and “One Fine Spring Day,” as well as many other Korean dramas. She earns a hefty 200 million won for each episode she is in.

4. Choi Ji-woo – Choi Ji-woo is a celebrated actress who has accumulated various accolades, including the precious Baeksang Arts Award.

5. Ha, Ji-won – She was 43 years old when she won and stands out as one of the best recompense Korean actresses in the year 2022. Her expense fee is $45,000 USD for each episode.

6. Kim Tae-hee – She is 41 years 41-year-old woman, who is not only famous for her unusual beauty but also for being one of the most well-compensated actresses in the year 2022. Her fee is f $37,000 USD for each episode

7. Gong Hyo-jin – She is a famous actress and she played good roles in numerous famous dramas and films, “Pasta,”, “The Greatest Love “Crush & Blush,” and “Thank You.

8. Park Bo-young – Park Bo-Young, is a stunning actress under the age of 31. She earned $27,300 USD for every episode.

9. Shin Min-ah-Shin is a very talented actress and she has done great work in her life and made a reputed image among people with her impressive work. She gets a payment of $27,000 USD for each episode.

10. Park Shin-Hye – Park is lovable by several people. Fans really love her for her amazing work. She is known as one of the top actresses. She received payment for her project 30 million per episode just last year.