Fact check: Is Military Veteran Ray Epps Arrested? What Did He Do On Jan 6?

A rumour is getting viral on social media and usually, most of them are found fake but still, it is important to pay attention to every rumour as who knows some are genuine. Usually, death rumours are found fake but sometimes some rumours create a huge stir on social media due to their content.

Arrest news is one such pattern that always remains in rumours and this time as well, the arrest rumour of Military are bothering people. The alleged rumours are linked to Ray Epps and people want to know what he do on 6th Jan and if he really arrested. He is an ex-military veteran, a supporter of ex-President Donald Trump, and a wedding venue host.

Is Military Veteran Ray Epps Arrested?

After the assailing of the United States Capitol on 6th January 2021, conspiracy theories about the alleged role of Epps as an agent provocateur and the connection of his wife to Dominion Voting Systems were spread on Twitter and Tucker Carlson, a Fox News personality.

He has taken legal action against Fox News for defamation over their coverage of his role in the Capitol riot. According to some people, Epps played the role of a federal agent who initiate the violence, however, he has rejected involvement or affiliation with the government. Besides it, there are many people who are keen to know about his arrest.

Some even claim that he is on the list of most wanted. Well, after checking the details, we get to know that all the rumours which are claiming that he has been arrested are found fake. After the 6th January 2021 capitol attack, he was on the list of most wanted to be shared by the FBI for around 6 months. Though his photo was removed from the list without explanation. Hence, Ray Epps has never been detained. In further addition to this, the military veteran sued Fox News for defamation recently.

As per the lawsuit, Fox spared a “fantastical story” that a former US Marine was a federal agent to “scapegoat” him for the raid on Congress, as shared by the media outlet. In the month of January 2021, Mr. Epps was captured on camera requesting others to take entry into the Capitol complex. Whilst FBI agents questioned him but he was not arrested.

Damages are not particular in the action, which was submitted on Wednesday, 19th July 2023 to a Delaware court. In further addition mentioned is Tucker Carlson. Besides it, the attorney of Mr. Epps states that he and his wife had to close their wedding venue which they established in Arizona and shift to a small RV in Utah due to the harassment and intimidation they faced because of the conspiracy theories.