Fact check: Is Drew Scott Dead or Alive? TV personality death hoax debunked

In this article, we are going to talk about the fake rumor which is spreading on the whole internet right now. This article is going to talk about the fake death rumor of Drew Scott. For the past few days, some people are circulating a fake death rumor about him.

So we want to clear you that he is not dead, he is alive. This rumor was completely fake and it was spread by some unknown pages just to gain likes and views. The family and team Drew have requested everyone to do not to share this fake rumor. Now come with us and let us discover about his illness and health update in this article.

Is Drew Scott Dead or Alive?

Drew Scott is a famous Canadian reality television star. His full name is Andrew Alferd Scott. Canadian television personality and real estate professional Drew Scott. He is best known for anchoring “Property Brothers,” a famous house renovation and reality TV program, with his twin brother Jonathan Scott. The blockbuster television series “Property Brothers,” which debuted in 2011, has made Drew and Jonathan Scott, who was born on 28th April 1978. The twins’ efforts to assist couples identify, buy, and renovate fixer-upper residences into their dream homes while staying within their means are followed throughout the show.

Along with “Property Brothers,” Drew and Jonathan have also starred in a number of similar spin-offs and programs, such as “Buying and Selling,” “Brother vs. Brother,” and “Property Brothers at Home.” They have a sizable fan base and are well-known personalities in the home improvement and reality television industries. Outside of their work in television, Drew and Jonathan have followed careers in real estate, publishing books, and starting furniture and home decor brands. Their success and notoriety are a result of their combined real estate, building, and design abilities.

Is Drew Scott Dead or Alive?

For the past few days, the fake death news of Drew Scott is viral on the internet. His family has confirmed that this rumor is totally fake and they have requested everyone to not share this fake rumor. And if we talk about Drew Scott’s health, so currently he is doing really great. And he is not facing any illness. He is perfectly fine. But sources revealed that once he was battling with a very mysterious illness that caused him gastrointestinal issues and it also raised some unconscious concerns about this potential diagnosis of mercury poisoning. So this was all about this article. Stay tuned with us.