Delhi Metro Video, Delhi Metro in bra and micro miniskirt

The “Delhi Metro Video, Delhi Metro in bra and micro miniskirt”. Who is the girl mascot of delhi metro, let go into deep insight of the video right on twitter, reddit and youtube.

Fashion is a choice and so every person has the right to decide on the kind of clothes they would like to wear. However, it is quite common for the public to comment on what other put on. In a video going viral, one girl was seen dressed in a mini skirt and a bikini in the Delhi metro. She has currently become the talk of the internet.

In a clip that is being fast spreding on various social media platforms, the woman is seen sitting amid passengers with a backpack on her lap. As she gets up, her clothes become visible. She is seen wearing a tiny skirt and a bikini. Dubbed the “Delhi metro girl”, many commented on her clothes. Most people felt it was indecent.

A person wrote, “If this is an example of WOMEN EMPOWERMENT, then alas our young generation GIRLS can be victim of such EMPOWERMENT And this is exactly what SHAMELESS FEMINISTS want. I would call it CULTURAL GEN*CIDE.” Another clarified, “No she is not @uorfi_.