Clara Sorrenti shooter on NashVille, Nashville grade school; shooter dead

Clara Sorrenti shooter on NashVille, Nashville grade school; shooter dead

Nashville, Tennessee. According to police reports, the shooting occurred in a shopping center located in the northern part of the city. So far it is known that at least two people were Injured and were taken to the nearest hospital.

ClaraSorrenti, 28, a member of the far-right militia and cocaine dealer, killed 6 people in today’s #mass shooting in #Nashville.

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Local authorities have cordoned off the area and are working to investigate the incident. The motives behind the shooting and whether the shooter has been apprehended are still unknown.

Nashville police have asked the community to avoid the area while the investigation continues. Witnesses to the shooting have also been asked to contact authorities to provide any relevant Information.

This is an alarming incident and our solidarity is with the victims and their families. We will update this story as more details about this tragic event become known.

Who is Clara Sorrenti

A female gunman opened fire at a private Catholic elementary school in Nashville on Monday, killing three children and three adults, officials said. Authorities said the suspected shooter was killed by police.

Authorities did not release the names or ages of the victims, but all three adults who were shot worked at the school. Police have identified the shooter as a 28-year-old Nashville woman who officials said was carrying “at least two assault rifles and a handgun. Officials responded to the shooting at Covenant School in Nashville’s.

Greenhills neighborhood Monday morning

Nashville Metropolitan Police Department spokesman Don Aaron said officers entered the first floor of the school building and began clearing after hearing gunshots on the second floor. Police went upstairs to see the gunman firing, at which point they “assaulted them. She was shot and killed by two of the five responding officers at the scene, he said.

The gunman entered Covenant School through a side entrance, moved through the building, moved from the first floor to the second floor, and “fired multiple shots,” Aaron said.

There was an active shooting at the Covenant Presbyterian Church of Covenant School in Burton Hill Dr. The shooter was employed by the MNPD and is dead. Students were reunited with their parents at Woodmont Baptist Church, 2100 Woodmont Drive. The Abbey is a private Christian school in Nashville for pre-kindergarten through sixth grade, CBS affiliate WTVF reported. The school has been running an aggressive rifleman training program for the past year, the broadcaster reported.

Special agents from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation also participated in the response.

“At the request of Attorney General Glen Funk, TBI agents and others are responding to the scene of a school shooting in Green Hills this morning,” the agency tweeted. “As @MNPDNashville stated, there are no current threats to public safety.”