Chinese Trapeze Artist Ms Sun Video Falling to Death Gone Viral: Meet Her Husband Zhang Moumou

Chinese Trapeze Artist Ms Sun Video Falling to Death Gone Viral: Meet Her Husband Zhang Moumou. Ms Sun video shows the moment she performed and fell to her death which went viral on different social media platforms.

On Saturday, a Chinese acrobat surname Sun died after falling during a flying trapeze performance in Suzhou, located in the central Anhui province. Since the news and the videos have gone viral on different social media sites, people are curious to learn more about the incident.

Chinese Trapeze Artist Ms Sun Video Gone Viral

A Chinese trapeze artist fell to her death in a disturbing incident. Video footage, believed to have been captured by an audience member, showed her falling while performing on the flying-trapeze.

The late acrobat, 37-years-old, fell from a height of more than 30 feet onto a challenging stage while performing with her acrobatic partner, her husband. Ms. Sun was sent to the hospital for further treatment, but those did not help, and she left her husband and two children behind.

The incident of two couples has sparked outrage on social media, with many calling for better regulation in the industry and concerns about lax safety measures.

The Culture and Tourism Department claims that the performance troupe behind the act did not have sufficient approval to carry out the stunt and that they would be dealt with accordingly.

The audience was terrified to look after the incident where not even her partner could save her because of his tight legs. The artist was performing together with her partner, who was also her husband, Zhang Moumou.

The couple had a happy relationship. However, Sun’s husband, Zhang Moumou, cannot provide specific details about the incident due to ongoing processes. The husband and wife were seasoned performers who had collaborated for several years but chose not to use crucial safety belts “to look good.”

So, the incident taught us to be safe first and look good after; if the artist had worn belts, then Ms. Sun might have been with us today.

According to the footage, the husband missed his wife with his legs during the risky stunt.

As it became apparent that something had gone wrong during the performance, screams could be heard from the audience. The event was promptly canceled following the incident.

The couple had one daughter and a son together. The information about their children has not been shared in public.

The local Culture and Tourism Department has accused the couple’s performance troupe of not obtaining the necessary approval to perform the stunt.

The tragic incident in which the Chinese acrobat fell to her death during a performance has sparked a significant public outcry in China.

Many have expressed concerns about the acrobatics industry’s safety measures and regulations. The incident has also called for stricter safety regulations and greater industry oversight.

It is hoped that this incident will serve as a wake-up call to the authorities to improve safety measures and regulations to prevent similar accidents from happening in the future.