Change in Kintampo Waterfall color isn’t because of illegal mining – The executives

There are no unlawful mining exercises occurring even close to the Kintampo waterfall as being guessed via virtual entertainment.

As indicated by the administration of the cascades, a new video shared via virtual entertainment showing a dis-hued water from the falls was a consequence of a weighty precipitation, which caused the essential water source from the Pumpum Stream to spill over its banks, conveying garbage and dregs from a street development into the cascades.

The site the executives of the Kintampo Cascades, Franklin Owusu made sense of that, when it keeps pouring nearby, it washes all the soil into the cascade.

He said the water turns out to be perfect again after the downpour and that on the off chance that it doesn’t rain, for an extensive stretch, you see a spotless water.

Ongoing filthy water clarification

Franklin Owusu made sense of that there was a street under development nearby and the project worker was filling the street with red soil and at whatever point it downpours, it washes it into the cascade and that it is that soil from the street development, which was as of late spotted, recorded and coursed via web-based entertainment, with the suspicion that it was unlawful mining that had dis-shaded the water.

He said there was satisfactory security set up to prepare for unlawful mining nearby.

“Practically every one of the pathways are rocks, so we have no profound water to urge individuals to come and mine in the water, it is a shallow water,” he said.

He said the 10km excursion towards the falls have trees around it, and the Ranger service Division watches it continually.

Press Released

Explanation In regards to Kintampo Cascades and Ongoing Normal Occasions

The attention of management of Kintampo Waterfalls (KWF) has been drawn to a video and images currently circulating on social media platforms, and we wish to provide clarity to our valued customers and tourists.

The Kintampo Waterfalls is a natural wonder, relying on the uninterrupted flow of water from the Pumpum River, other streams and springs within the community to maintain its unique beauty.

Over the past weeks, the region has experienced unusually heavy rainfall, resulting in a significant increase in water Inflow to the area.

As a result, the river has exceeded its normal banks, causing an overflow. This overflow carries with it a substantial amount of sediment and debris from upstream, leading to a temporary change in color of water.

This phenomenon is not uncommon in natural systems and happens annually when heavy rainfall washes soil and sediment into the river, resulting in a brief change in water appearance. Additionally, increased water flow can disturb the natural sediment on the riverbed, which can also aflect the water’s appearance.

This was the case when two tourists visited our facility on Thursday October 5, 2023. We want to state emphatically that this has no connection whatsoever with Illegal mining activities.

We would like to reassure all prospective visitors and tourists that our facility remains in impeccable condition, and we are unwavering in our commitment to providing you with the exceptional experiences we have consistently promised.