5 Things No One Tell You When Cheating On Your Partner

5 Things No One Tell You When Cheating On Your Partner

Cheating on your partner may look like something that you may enjoy the immediate satisfaction and may think you have justifications for doing it.

After-all, no situation is ever in colours. However, there are some very good reasons why you should reconsider having an affair because the consequences may surprise you.

It’s not just a matter of getting caught, either or here. There are some things that people don’t tell you about cheating on your partner that may give you cause to think twice.

1. The trust in your relationship will be forever altered

You’re the one who cheated right? yes, it will makes you realize that if you could have an affair with someone else without your partner realizing, so could they. You’ll start to watch the things they do and say, overanalyzing everything.

Questions about what they’re really doing when they say they’re out with the guys will enter your mind. You know that you’ve broken the trust in your relationship and it makes you suspicious of them doing the same, even if they’ve given you zero reason to think this.

2. It can mess with your self image

Even if you think that you were justified in being unfaithful, you may start seeing yourself in a different light.

Suddenly, you aren’t the good person you thought you were. You’re a cheater. If you betray your partner in this way, remember that you can’t go back and erase it. You can’t fix-it. Once it’s done, it’s done and your view of yourself (not to mention your partner’s view of you) will be forever changed.

3. You’ll be torn about whether to tell them or not

Once the affair ends, you’ll have to decide whether to tell your partner or not. You know you’re in the wrong. Part of you feels you should confess and get it over-with and maybe they’ll forgive you. The other part of you knows it will hurt them and will probably end your relationship. What do you do? Only you can answer that.

4. You could end up getting unwanted pregnancy or an STD

You could give an STD to your partner. Hopefully, you were being smart and using condoms. Unfortunately, condoms aren’t 100% effective and they don’t protect against all STDs. The stress of worry about-that could be what gives you away.

Even after you go to the doctor and confirm that you’re not pregnant and have no STDs (at least for now some can’t be detected until there are symptoms, such as herpes), the worry can carry on for a long time.

5. You could gain a stalker

Affairs are emotional situations and in many of them, one-partner or the other develops feelings. This is also why most affairs end. If you’re the partner who kept things casual and emotionless and the person you had an affair with didn’t, they may have a hard time dealing with all those feelings. Sometimes this gets out of hand and leads to a stalking situation.